Pepperidge Farm Premium Cookie Variety Pack (24 pk)

Pepperidge Farm Premium Cookie Variety Pack (24 pk)
Pepperidge Farm Premium Cookie Variety Pack (24 pk)

Pepperidge Farm Premium Cookie Variety Pack (24 pk)

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Pepperidge Farm Milano Dark Chocolate has rich dark chocolate hidden between delicate cookies, and the two-cookie pack makes it easy to take Milano with you for a midday snack at work, at the gym or in the carpool lane. Milano cookies are beautifully crafted—just like you.

Classic Chessmen butter cookies are golden-baked to tender crispness and simple sweet goodness. The three-cookie pack lets you satisfy your craving for this Pepperidge Farm classic on the go, in the car or at the office for a midday sweet treat. Keep the melt-in-your-mouth cookies to yourself, or share and make someone's day.


  • Luxurious Milano: Dark chocolate between two crisp, delicate cookies
  • Sweet Chessmen: Golden-baked butter cookie
  • Snack packs make it easy to take these cookies with you anywhere
  • Stock up so you have cookies on hand when you need a luxurious break
  • Great for concessions, vending and pantries


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Pepperidge Farm Premium Cookie Variety Pack (24 pk)