1. How do I get the box and how much is it?

We provide the box and it is absolutely free! No more exhausting trips, just to get your box.

2. How much is your fee?

We charge 0.99 cents per quantity of items.

3. What is your shipping rate?

For Air freight, shipping cost varies based on box size and weight. A 2 lbs 12x12x6 box will cost about +/- $48.00 depending on the Philippine location or region.

For Sea Freight, we use the following box sizes: SML (23x17x10), MED (23x17x20) and LRG (24x18x24). Here's the breakdown of our rates:

  • Luzon Box 
    • SML - $60.00
    • MED - $80.00
    • LRG - $95.00
  • Visayas Box 
    • SML - $75.00
    • MED - $90.00
    • LRG - $105.00
  • Mindanao Box
    • SML - $80.00
    • MED - $95.00
    • LRG - $110.00

4. How do you pack the goods?

We pack your goods with love! We provide you with free new towels and we use eco-friendly packing materials to secure and cushion your items. We fill your box within the maximum capacity of the box. For quality assurance, we use a tag team approach: one packing and the other one ensuring the items and count is correct. Our packers adhere to our policy of cleanliness, and wears gloves at all times while packing your goods. Hand sanitation solutions available through out our facility.

5. What box size will you use for my items?

We will use the most appropriate box size that will safely fit all your items and to save you money. For example, if all of your items won't fit in a medium box and requires a second small box, we will try to fit all your items on our large box. In that way you will only have to pay for one shipping charge. Also please note, as mentioned in our disclaimer, if deemed necessary and when it applies, our warehouse will repack and replace the original packaging of an item without prior notice to save space and maximize contents within safe capacity of your selected box.

6. What if my box still have a room or a space for more products?

We will contact you and work with you if you want to fill the box with more products. We will be with you every step of the way until your box is filled within its safe capacity.

6. How do I track my box?

You will be provided via email with your tracking number once your box has been accepted by our freight forwarder.

7. Do you provide shipping insurance?

Each box is covered with $50.00 insurance. If you want additional protection, we offer $5.00 per $100.00 additional coverage.

8. Any order limitations on your site?

Yes. The Philippine government prohibits importation of goods for commercial purposes and that Balikbayan box should only contain personal and household effects. Your maximum order quantity per item is 12.

9. Do you have a storage fee?

After sending you an invoice for shipping, you have 7 days to finalized the transaction. After 7 days, a storage fee of $7.00/day will be applied until you paid the invoice for shipping.

10. How to I contact Wow Padala?

Our customer service team is available 24/7 and ready to assist you via live chat. For instances of service interruptions, you may email us at shop@wowpadala.com.