How It Works

1. Set your budget and shop our store

Send what you want by shopping on our site. No more exhausting trips from getting your box to shopping your goods. You can shop either as an individual or you can use our group pay feature. For more info about group pay please click here.

We've curated most of the common goods that our Kababayans send to Philippines. Please check also our specialty items, we guarantee you’ll like it.

2. Once satisfied with your order, check out

Payment can be carried out by:

a. Paying the full amount

b. Group Pay - you can split the cost of goods (excluding shipping) among members. For more info about group pay please click here.

c. Lay Away by Lay-Buy - A minimum of 20% nonrefundable downpayment will be due and you can pay the rest up from 1 to 3 months with no interest, it's all up to you. Please note that a one time service fee by Lay-Buy will be applied. You can also pay the rest of the balance in advance by emailing us at Your order will not be processed until all lay away balance has been paid.

3. We pack

We pack your goods with love! We provide you with free new towels as well as we use eco-friendly packing materials to secure and cushion your items. We fill your box within the maximum capacity of the box.

We will use the most appropriate box size that will safely fit all your items and to save you money. For example, if all of your items won't fit in a medium box and requires a second small box, we will try to fit all your items on our large box. In that way you will only have to pay for one shipping charge. Also if deemed necessary and when it applies, we will repack and replace the original packaging of an item to save space and maximize contents within safe capacity of your selected box. Talagang sulit!

For quality assurance, we use a tag team approach: one packing and the other one ensuring the items and count is correct. Our packers adhere to our policy of cleanliness, and wears gloves at all times while packing your goods. Hand sanitation solutions are available through out our facility. 

4. We ship

Your shipping invoice is pending until all your goods has been packed and ready to ship. You will be notified thru your registered email for your shipping invoice. Your tracking number will be provided once the assigned freight forwarder has been established.

And that’s it! Simple, easy and hassle free.

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