Old Bay Seasoning (24 oz)

Old Bay Seasoning (24 oz)
Old Bay Seasoning (24 oz)

Old Bay Seasoning (24 oz)

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It's a unique blend of herbs and 18 spices, including black pepper, paprika and celery salt. This seasoning has a lively flavor that works well with a variety of dishes. It comes in an easy to use one-lb. plastic container with a sectioned lid that allows for sprinkling or spooning out the contents over food. This Old Bay spice is also simple to store in a kitchen cabinet or pantry. It's terrific for use in restaurants and in homes.

  • Flavorful blend of 18 herbs and spices
  • Ideal for chicken, seafood, meat, salad or snacks like chips or popcorn
  • Same delicious taste for more than 75 years
  • 24-oz. container of seasoning


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Old Bay Seasoning (24 oz)