Charms Blow Pop (100 ct)

Charms Blow Pop (100 ct)
Charms Blow Pop (100 ct)
Charms Blow Pop (100 ct)
Charms Blow Pop (100 ct)
Charms Blow Pop (100 ct)

Charms Blow Pop (100 ct)

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Get two sweet treats in one with the Charms Blow Pop 100-count pack. This iconic hard candy with a bubble gum center has been one of America's favorite sweets for years. On the outside is a tangy hard candy, while inside hides a sweet and chewy surprise.

This box comes with over 100 assorted Blow Pops for you to share and enjoy. Pick your favorite flavor from out of the box or taste some of the flavors you may have never tried. Some are sweet, some are tangy and some are sour, but every single one of them is tasty. There's no wrong choice


  • Artificially flavored
  • 100 count
  • 2-in-1 candy treat with hard candy outside and bubblegum center
  • Several different flavors, from sweet to sour
  • Keep your snack drawer stocked at home or the office
  • Comes in a display box ready for resale
  • Ideal for concessions stands, convenient stores and office break rooms


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Charms Blow Pop (100 ct)