Is There an Easy Way?

Have you waited all day to get your Balikbayan box and end up wasting your whole day because the freight forwarder company did not show up despite a scheduled drop off? This is a known problem to many of our Kababayans, let me share you one of the never ending complaints out there: 

From Allison of Newark CA, "Their service is absolutely atrocious, period. We scheduled an arrival date two days ago, in which a window of 12 pm to 9 pm was scheduled. Guess what? They never came. Next day, they scheduled the same window, never came. Today, the window was 3 pm to 6 pm. THEY NEVER CAME. I do not respect XXXX, they are unprofessional and do not have a consistent arrival time."

A pick up time between 12pm to 9pm? What? Now how could this be? This is one of the many issues we face when we send our Balikbayan Box. From obtaining the box, gathering goods, packing the box, and sending it to the freight forwarders or schedule a pick up. All of these takes considerable time and effort. There's gotta be an easy way!

To our Kababayans and friends out there, let me introduce to you: Wow Padala.

Wow Padala was born because we ourselves are Balikbayan Box senders and we've experience such lack of genuine service. We sat and brained stormed and came to a conclusion: Sending Balikbayan box should never be that hard.

Wow Padala is the pioneer, the first and only one who provides our hard working Kababayans a hassle free, one-stop shop, and easier way of sending their Balikbayan box. We’ve curated the most common goods you typically send to the Philippines and gathered some specialty items that we guarantee you’ll loved. And if you don't see your items in our store just send us a product request and we'll sourced it for you then add them to your box. We'll carefully pack your goods with adequate cushions and strap them for additional support. Then we'll send them to our NVOCC licensed and DTI accredited freight forwarder partners.

You don't have to do all of these, You shop, We pack, We ship. It's that simple.

At Wow Padala, we are committed on sending Balikbayan box easier, and hassle-free. Did we mention your box is free